True Customer Experience at a Bhel Puri stall

Bhel Puri

Hi Everyone. Today I am going to narrate a true story. From so long, I was making an attempt but finally I was able to write it today. 

I always go to this vendor who is very close to my house who sells this Sev Puri/ Bhel Puri/ Sukha Bhel on his cart (Redi). Just for everybody’s reference, these are famous Maharashtrian street food dishes. I usually go there once a week for a change of taste. This guy sells every Bhel Puri/ Sev Puri in a very reasonable price (may be 30 or 35 rs each plate). Everytime when I visit his stall, I see auto drivers or other daily wage labourers also buy from his stall and to my surprise, this guy sells these Sev Puri/ Bhel Puri plates in very lowest price and as cheap as may be 15-20 Rs per plate to them depending upon how much those labourers can afford. This is an extremely intelligent quality to earn money by serving people according to their pockets.

Another excellent quality I observed in him was true Customer Service. When I visit his stall, I usually find around 5-6 people waiting for their plates to be prepared and I am always his 5th or 6th customer in line. While I await for him to prepare my plate, he gives me a good amount of Sukha Bhel wrapped in open newspaper to eat just for time pass while I am waiting for my packet to get ready. And this customer service is not just for me but for his other customers as well for whom he might be preparing a plate for even 15 Rs.

I am always moved by his little Customer Service act. He keeps his customers engaged while he prepares everyone’s plates and also makes an effort to retain his customers by giving little freebies. I know he is really not that much educated but he possesses all the skill sets of an MBA as far as customer service is concerned.

 Customer Service is a quality that matters not only in big IT MNC’s or in big corporates but also for all the people out there who are running their open street stalls.

Let me know your thoughts as well.


  • You need not be educated to understand the pulse of a human being. A live example is of the dabawallas in Mumbai who code each dabba.

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