5 things that our 2-month-old daughter has taught us

Happy Birthday to Avika Devnani

We as proud parents of Avika Devnani wish to share a few things that our little princesses has taught us in a short span of just 2-months.

1) Never give up: Our daughter was born prematurely by about 1.5 months. Upon birth she was finding it difficult to breathe and was shifted to the NICU. All of us were completely shattered to see our little angle gasping for breath. While my wife Pooja was in the recovery room and my mother was beside her, I was asked to wait outside the NICU. After about 45 mins I was allowed to see Avika. While I was struggling to come to terms with what I was seeing, I just whispered “junior” in her ears. I have been calling Avika “Junior” since the time we learnt about Pooja’s pregnancy. Avika immediately nodded to my call of “junior”. That nod of hers gave me immense calm. She responded very well to all the treatment and medications she was given and demonstrated an absolute undefeatable spirit to the challenge life posed to her at the time of birth.

2) There will always be a first time to do something new: Avika is a very good learner. This is not just how we feel but the very first person to emphasize this was her treating Pediatric Doctor, Dr. Tanushri Mukherjee. Avika is very enthusiastic and tries to replicate any new thing she learns. In-fact she is the one who inspired me to make a first attempt at participating in a 5-KM walkathon.

3) Find happiness in small-small things: Avika has a very infectious smile. Icing on the cake is her dimple on the cheek. She somehow manages to find happiness in practically everything. She gets happy when she sees us. She also gets happy when anyone visits our house. She enjoys tremendously when we travel by car. Body massage makes her very happy & energetic. Seeing me on a video call (when I am out of Mumbai) makes her very cheerful.

4) Be patient: Avika has time and again shown extraordinary levels of patience. Whether its changing climatic conditions, a loud and crowded place or even Pooja finding it difficult to control her emotions and constantly kissing Avika; our little angel has always been very patient under all these circumstances.  

5) Stay Calm: I have never seen Avika getting overwhelmed or distracted with too many things around her. She is as comfortable at home as she is in a hospital. She is as comfortable with family as she is with a visiting guest.

While all of us in the family are enjoying each-and-every moment with our daughter, we take this opportunity to wish her A VERY HAPPY SECOND MONTH BIRTHDAY. May god, Dadu & Nanu always bless her.  


  • Rajkumari Gurbaxani January 5, 2024 At 8:23 am

    So adorable, lovable, hope to meet you all soon.
    Blessings & love to darling Avika on second monthly Birthday 🎈🎂🥰

  • Sandeep Bhandarkar January 5, 2024 At 12:11 pm

    Congratulations to Pooja and Vikas.Blessung to little Princess Avika.

  • Beautiful note vikas. A very happy second month birthday to avika!!🎈

  • What a beautiful and inspiring blog! Avika’s story is a testament to the incredible strength and resilience of newborns, and the lessons she’s already teaching you are simply precious!! Your story brought tears to my eyes. Witnessing Avika’s strength from such a young age is a powerful reminder that we can overcome any obstacle with the right mindset. God bless this little angel!

    Sending love and blessings to Avika and your family, Vikas. You are raising an extraordinary little girl. Keep inspiring us with your story!
    Best regards,

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