Premature babies and How to take care of them?

Taking care of premature babies

Premature babies are the one who are born or delivered way before their due date. 10-15 days before due date are ok but beyond this time is considered as a premature birth.

Here are thew few points to remember to take care of a premature baby:

1) Premature babies are usually kept in NICU because their brains and lungs are not fully developed. Hence they are sometimes on external oxygen supply or may even on ventilator depending on how premature they are and whether or not the mother received initial treatment of premature delivery

2) In NICU, babies are fed with formula milk until mother starts expressing her breast milk. Usually they are fed via infant ryles tube and once they are off ryles tube, they are fed with a silicone feeding cup. Once the mother has good amount of breast milk then premature babies are fed with breast milk as well

3) They are sponged with soft cloth dipped in Luke warm water to ensure their hygiene. They are not given bath until they reach their normal birth weight of 3 kgs

4) No application of creams or powders are allowed on baby skin. We can only use wet wipes and diapers

5) No baby massages are allowed until your paediatrician gives a go ahead

6) You are not allowed to keep any pillow under your baby’s head

7) Premature babies are unable to suck mother’s breasts initially for sometime due to low energy levels. However they start breast feeding day by day and Lil by little. Here mothers can express their milk which could be fed to the baby by a feeding cup

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