30 Aug – 03 Sept 2022: Top 5 Newsmakers of Happy World

Happy World; an initiative from solveyourpuzzles.com; brings to you 5 positive news which happened in the World during the week.

So here goes the top 5 newsmakers of Happy World for the week of 30 Aug to 03 Sept 2022:

India is now world’s fifth largest economy: As per recent international rankings, Indian economy is now the fifth biggest economy in the world. US, China, Japan and Germany are the other four countries who occupy the first four positions in the international ranking. While the global economies continue to fight their battles against inflation and slow growth, a 7% growth forecast for the Indian economy this year is a very strong and positive indicator of its resilience and upside potential.

Two Chinese astronauts completed a 6-hour space-walk on 2nd Sep: Chen Dong and Liu Yang; two Chinese astronauts; on-board China’s Tiangong space station successfully completed a 6-hour spacewalk in early hours of Friday. China is heavily promoting its space program.

Twitter announces rolling out long-awaited Edit button to its limited subscribers: Until now content once tweeted cannot be edited. It had to be retweeted again. Since quite some time there has been a discussion around having an Edit button. In one of the biggest changes announced by Twitter, it plans to roll out the “Edit Tweet” feature initially for its internal employees and “Twitter Blue” subscribers. The Edit button will allow users to make changes to existing tweets for up to 30 minutes from its publishing time.

Scientists have found a new way of producing hydrogen from water at room temperature: In what could be a significant discovery, scientists from University of California have found a novel way of producing hydrogen from water at normal room temperature. In this new research, the aluminium nanoparticles are produced by an inexpensive alloy of gallium and aluminium that reacts quickly with water at ambient temperature to release significant amounts of hydrogen.

A Chinese official shared an interesting concept of how reversible lanes could help decongest traffic: Most major cities in the world often experience long traffic hours. A Chinese official has shared a very interesting concept of how they are utilizing reversible lanes to help decongest traffic in Beijing. This seemingly has proved to be an effective manner to relieve traffic jams in the city. With this concept the direction of traffic is changed. The traffic authority selects a lane to go one direction in the morning and the opposite direction in the evening. This helps release peak traffic pressure.

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