New Year Resolutions for 2023

happy new year 2023

Hi All,

So now New Year is all set to approach quickly and countdown has already begun. Just like me, you all would have been thinking about New Year Resolutions. Am I correct? 

But you know what, New Year Resolutions are very easy to make but very difficult to fulfill them and work towards achieving them and finally sustain them until final achievement. So, if you really want the magic of new year resolutions to spread across in your life then you really want to make these resolutions practical and take baby steps towards achieving it.

So, this time, I have very few New Year Resolutions that I really want to make to myself for leading a beautiful year ahead without any regrets of not fulfilling my new year resolutions. So come, let’s quickly check what my new year resolutions looks like:

1. Physical and Mental Health: This is of utmost importance to me and I believe this is important for everyone as well. Health is Wealth. And let me guess that we all have heard about this phrase since childhood and this is absolutely true because If you have a sound health, you can achieve almost everything in your life. But let’s be honest that now a days, you should not only focus on Physical health but even on Mental Health as well. So, I promise that I will take out some time for doing any form of physical exercise including quick round of meditation as well.

2. Focus on knowing myself and consequently improving: I promise that I will focus more on knowing myself as to what are my likes and dislikes/ What are the things which makes me angry and sad/ What are my real time and future ahead goals and much more (but remember only about myself). By knowing all these things, I will come to know as to how I need to improve myself. This is really going to help me a lot

3. Challenging task of keeping myself Happy: With time, I came to know that this is the most toughest thing. However, making others happy is just like snipping your fingers. So, this time, I promise to myself that I will put myself on priority above everyone and everything. I will definately think of others but I will not forget about myself too. I will give less importance to what people talk about me behind my back and I will focus on improving myself day on day. 

4. Be kind to myself: Whenever anything goes wrong or when life does not flow as per my direction then I panick and punish myself for not achieving what I wanted/ deserved. But this year, I promise that I will pamper and reward myself for atleast trying something out. I will patt my back for all my hard work and efforts that I put in to achieve. And that’s okay if my efforts did not turned out to be fruitful because I have not failed, it’s my plan that has failed and I will again gear myself up by trying to achieve differently next time. I will be kind to myself and forgive myself if anything went wrong and I will move on.

5. Focus on Present and break the shackles of both Past and Future: This year, I will focus only on present. I will move on from my past because past is nothing but just a picture or a story which keeps playing in my brain like a stale or an already watched movie but in reality it does not even exist. I will not worry about my future because if I have focussed enough on my present, it is very unlikely that my future will be in trouble. And most important, I will learn from my mistakes and achieve some meaningful experiences and make sure that my failures turn into success. I promise that I will not let the game of success and failure control me because success and failure depends on external conditions. My only job is to focus on my work and improve it day by day because this is the only thing which depends on me.

So, these were my top priority New Year Resolutions. Please do let me know in comments section as to what are your New Year Resolutions.

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