Comfort Zone – An illness in itself

comfort zone

Hi All. I am back with one more interesting topic to cover with or share my experiences upon. Let’s talk about Comfort zone which is again present in every aspect of our life. After starting something fresh and doing the same thing over and over again for couple of days or for couple of months pushes us into Comfort zone. For example- If you are completing a particular task in a particular way for past couple of days then you will always do the same thing in the same way without going for or opting for a different approach. This is called comfort zone because you are comfortable completing the task in this way only and you will fear completing the task in a different way because it will take time and some efforts as well. Hence few of us proceed with doing same things again and again and later regret because we ourselves gets frustrated with monotonous work.

Comfort Zone simply means that you are comfortable with known stuffs and you fear trying these known stuffs either differently or you are afraid of trying or approaching towards unknown stuffs as well. For example- In a well known organization, if an employee is working upon some set of key responsibilities from a long time then at one point in time, this employee will fear trying out new initiatives because new initiatives will take a lot of time to be understood/ to be worked upon and then finally to be executed.

Let us see what are the factors which causes us to go into Comfort Zone. Here are my personal experiences upon this. 

1. Being Comfortable: Getting comfortable with one set of task or with one way of completing the task is a main reason for the people to get stick to comfort zone. When we get comfortable to a given task with a given way of completing that then we lose our ability to try out another way or to engage ourselves in different activities. It’s true that a task that you are doing since ages is easy to complete but when you engage in different activity then comes the phase of struggle to stabilize it. Hence people avoid engaging themselves in different activities

2. Being afraid of Change or Not appreciative of Change: There are many of us who don’t like changes in their day to day lives because even with slightest change, comes lot of additional responsibilities which are even out of our thought process and changing your thought process also needs lots of efforts

3. Lack of Innovation: It’s quite understandable that when we want to change something in our life then it demands innovation (Innovation in terms of doing same thing differently or choosing altogether a different approach). Innovation also demands time and efforts and due to extra efforts required, most of us simply go in a shell

4. Lack of future anticipation: We all know that we cannot anticipate future to 100%. But I believe we can anticipate at least as to what will be the situation down below 2 months or may be 6 months depending upon the trends that we are observing now. But most of us fear inwardly and we do not want to anticipate our future. It simply means that we do not want to open our eyes before we are actually forced to

5. Common thinking that Nothing can go bad to us: This is a common thinking that if mishap has happened to others will never happen to me. But this is not right because you cannot anticipate what is going to happen next. So, when you are into deep comfort zone and if anything goes wrong then trust me getting out of that comfort zone is extremely tricky and difficult

6. Laziness or sort of satisfaction: Okay this is also one of the most common factor that leads us to get into Comfort Zone. When we are lazy to do something new or when we are too much satisfied of what we are getting than that also sets in comfort zone

7. A pain which is there but it is still bearable: Let me try to explain you with an example. There was a dog who use to cry every time and he always sits at one place and always in the same position. In the morning one person asked another one as to why this dog cries every time. The other man replied that the place where dog is sitting, there is a sharp nail underneath where he is sitting but neither the dog changes his position and nor he changes his place. The first man was surprised to hear and asked why is this so? The other man replied that may be pain is still bearable. I hope you got my point.

Having discussed the causes which leads to Comfort Zone, now let us jointly discuss how to come out of comfort zone?

1. Change is the only constant: Please remember this proverb every time. Nothing is more true than this. Everything is changing right from the cells inside your body, to the nature and everything else. Please note that we have to respect time and do everything within time. But when time crosses and we stay behind then we need to run past the time. So, why do you want to run? Take necessary steps within time and achieve proficiency

2. Defeat Laziness: This is the first step towards coming out of comfort zone. The moment you will be fresh and will not be lazy to try new things, success will be yours and you will be out of your comfort zone without even you knowing about it

3. Be futuristic: This is related to anticipating future by being observable about running trends and becoming leaders and masters way earlier when other people cannot even think about it. This will automatically pull you out from your comfort zone

4. Be innovative: Applying innovation to do same thing differently really adds grace to that work and may even give you an edge over others. More you will be innovative, more you will be able to see some positive results and this will drive you breaking your own comfort zone

5. Result driven approach towards Life: See, everyone knows how to live their life. Some live their life becoming a legacy to others and some are living their life in their own comfort zone satisfactorily without aspiring much. Both are living their lives but the person who has created a legacy is an inspiration for crores of people and he is opening doors of feedback mechanism by regularly interacting with them and even learning from the people. But the person who is not aspiring for results, he is only sitting in one corner and has knowledge of only that corner and hence he restricts himself only to that little knowledge

6. Accept that we are also prone to mishaps: Yes, of course. Anything can happen to anyone. And if you want to be ready to defeat any mishappening that you have to be ready way before the same. For that, please never subside into comfort zone

7. Do not subside in a bearable pain but rather remove the pain from the roots: As I mentioned above in an example of a dog where he sits in the same place and in same position because he can bear that pain and hence never tries to change the situation. But my question is why are we bearing the pain even if that is bearable? Why cant we come out of our pain and uproot this pain from its roots? Choice is yours. Don’t bear unnecessary pain please

8. Learn to be ahead of people and create Legacy: This is something that I will again like to explain with an example- Supposing you have some idea and this could be anything like engaging yourself in some certificate course in an effort to earn some new position or a promotion in the office or may be some interesting business idea. My suggestion would be to kick start and become a pioneer rather waiting for others thinking “Oh what’s the use? Everything is working so great”. Trust me when you become the pioneer, you always have an edge over others and till the time people will come, you would have already attained masters

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